Project Description

Small Wine Drop Sided Box

This unusual gift box has been specifically designed to take a small, picnic sized bottle of wine which are becoming increasingly available in the supermarkets.  A small tray in the base of the box helps to keep the bottle in position and the box is opened by simply drawing the two contrasting sections apart and lowering them until they lay flat.

At the end of the video there a few still shots which provide details of card sizes required, scoring positions and pattern diagrams.

This box is also a component of the “Small Wine And Gift Drop Sided Box” tutorial.

Video Tutorial

NOTE:  You are very welcome to use this design for personal purposes.  This design may not be used to create another video or used as a basis for profit without written permission from GryphonArt.  The Intellectual Property Rights belong to GryphonArt.  The Copyright is owned by GryphonArt.